Appily Ever After

This team of five Techie Dynamos: Paige Koterba, Jamie Hollander, Anna DeBettencourt, Olivia DeVal, Emily Boyd and Coach Horvath wanted to connect teens with missed volunteer opportunities right in their school AND with local organizations! Why not create an app that does just that.. called OpportuniTEENS!

Totally AppTastic

This Totally Rocken Team of Maddie Moon, Allison Lane, Charlotte Wraight, Kate Andersen, Mimi Orio and Coach Heim developed their app idea around connecting kids socially through a trivia game about our local town called Trivatown!

Video Outtakes

Our 4 month adventure took us to the Microsoft NERD Center, Google Offices in Cambridge and many hours collaborating, producing, and creating with some fabulous outtakes. Take a look!